Although the scientific exploration of the cultures of Eurasia started as early as in the 16 th century A.D., there are still numerous mysteries waiting to be solved and many questions that need to be answered.

The aim of the Society for the Exploration of EurAsia is to make a scientific contribution to the exploration of the cultures of Eurasia. It promotes the scientific exchange of ideas and experience and supports fieldwork in the fields of archaeology, history of art and history of religions. It will conduct its fieldwork in close cooperation with local scientists and institutions outside the political boundaries of the European Union.

For this purpose, the Society cooperates with academics, interested parties, potential sponsors, institutions and authorities at national and international levels.

The Society requires that all findings remain in the respective countries and may be only exported short-term for the purposes of restoration, analysis and temporary exhibitions based on the consent by the local authorities.

The Society is financed by one-off or annual payments from sponsors, benefactors and members.

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